About Goldenloch Kennel


My Story

I am Deborah Porth Blackwell and I always have been a dog lover. My mother, Sally Porth, bred and showed Standard Poodles.  She gave me an appreciation for the joy of life with dogs.  However, living in a condo in Houston was not conducive to having dogs.  When mom passed away, it was necessary that I move to Crockett (which I did not want to do).  I am thankful everyday for that opportunity, as it was a prelude to all the wonderful things in my life. 


My First Goldens


My neighbor in Houston was an owner of Interquest Detection Canines.  He gave me my first golden, Prince Luke of Copperfield “Luke”.  Although Luke was a dropout, he was my first golden and the start of it all.  He was never interested in hunting or working, but he was a wonderful companion.

In 1994, I went in search of a golden with a hunting background.  I was very particular about how the goldens looked.  I was blessed to be referred to Mercedes Hitchcock of Belvedere Kennel, who sold me my first and second Master Hunters, Dyna and Bracken.  I had never even heard of hunt tests, but thought they might be fun, and here I am many years, dogs, titles and lifelong friends later. 


My Foundation

In 1999, I was privileged to breed Dyna to High Times Run’n the Roost UD MH WCX *** OS “Rooster”.  This was the beginning of a successful combination of Belvedere and High Times dogs.  A lasting friendship resulted with John and Nancy Miner.  They have been coming to Texas since 2001 for winter training.  Along with them came many wonderful dogs and many more lifelong friends! 


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.