Breeding program



My goal is to breed for health, temperament, structure, performance and pleasing looks.  The breed standard states that Golden Retrievers are primarily hunting dogs.  I am most interested in placing puppies in competitive (field, obedience or agility) or working homes (hunting, search & rescue and therapy).  My ideal puppy home is a competitive or working and family home. I will consider placing puppies in family homes, if they have an active lifestyle.  My puppies do best when provided lots of exercise and stimulation. 


How Puppies Are Raised

 Puppies are whelped and raised in the house.  Early Neurological Stimulation is done during the 3rd to 16th day of life.  They are exposed to a variety of sounds and experiences.  The puppies are introduced to bird wings and water.  A minimum of one puppy test is done as close to 7 weeks as possible.  At this time, I am not removing dew claws.  


Contract & Guaranties

All puppies are sold under a sales contract and placed on AKC Limited Registration.  All dogs in my breeding program have clearances for hips, elbows, heart, eyes and thyroid.  Longevity and health are important components of a solid breeding program.  No matter how carefully dogs are selected for my breeding program, I cannot guarantee that all puppies will be free of genetic problems.  I provide a limited warranty if a puppy should be diagnosed with a genetic problem that limits it from doing the work it was originally purchased for.