Please answer & email to


Are you interested in a male or female?

Where are you located?  I am in Texas.  

Have you had goldens previously or do you have goldens now?

What do you want to do with the puppy (competition, hunting or family dog)?

Where would the puppy live (house, kennel, outside)?

Do you have a fenced in area?

How many are in your family (children and other pets)?

How would you exercise the dog (since these are field bred dogs, they will be active and require exercise)?

How would you train the dog (obedience classes, pro trainer or yourself)?

Are you interested in breeding or would you neuter the dog?

 I do give preference to competition homes and hunting homes. I will only place puppies in family homes if they have an active lifestyle. I will be placing the puppies on limited registration until the requirements of the sales contract (health clearances and a minimum title) are met and then you will have full registration. My guaranty includes hips, heart and eyes.

Please feel free to call me at 936-546-3719 .